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Where is UV-C disinfection used?

Clean, safe water is vital in many different sectors. VGE Pro UV-C systems ensure that water quality is optimal, regardless of the industry you operate in. Our passion for water and technology makes it possible for you to adapt the standard base quality of our systems to the specific needs of your installation.


UV-C disinfection is sustainable, environmentally friendly and the solution for many water problems. Moreover, VGE Pro UV-C systems are easy to use and maintain.

Agriculture and horticulture

Fertilizers and pesticides affect the quality of water. This can stand in the way of producing a pure product. VGE Pro UV-C systems make water safe and clean and minimize the need to use pesticides. In addition, VGE Pro devices are also ideal for advanced oxidation processes.


Pathogens are the scourge of fish farmers and are often held in check with antibiotics. This has a negative impact on the quality of the water and thus also on the quality of the fish. UV-C radiation is safe and protects against fish diseases. This results in a pure, untainted product: better and healthier fish, without residual medications. In addition, VGE Pro UV-C systems are superbly suited to combating bacteriological and microbiological hazards and to bringing water to the quality level the sector is required to meet.

Swimming pool and spa

The water quality in large private, commercial and public swimming pools and water parks is of great importance. Disinfecting swimming pool water with UV-C radiation is an environmentally friendly technology, which eliminates even chlorine-resistant bacteria. This can significantly reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals The treatment of swimming pool water with UV-C radiation protects swimming enthusiasts against pathogens such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. In addition, UV-C breaks down chloramines. This eliminates the unpleasant smell of bound chlorine and helps prevent red eyes and irritation of skin and the respiratory tract.

Swimming ponds

Balance in pond water ensures a pleasant swimming experience, but it is also important to maintain a healthy environment for plants and any fish you may have. UV-C disinfection eliminates microbiological contamination and floating algae, without the use of chemicals. The result is a clear, healthy pond that protects swimmers, plants and fish from pathogens such as fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Food and process industry

Water used in production processes and which comes into contact with products must be safe. VGE Pro UV-C systems make water safe and clean while also disinfecting the product itself. This bacterial reduction ensures that products last longer and reduces spoilage. VGE Pro UV-C systems can also disinfect wastewater, making it perfectly suitable for reuse.

Drinking water

Safety and hygiene are vital when it comes to drinking water. You want to drink water from the tap and use it for countless purposes without any concerns. VGE Pro UV-C systems guarantee high quality water that meets all legal and regulatory requirements. VGE Pro devices are also ideal for advanced oxidation.

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