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Professional WaterdIsinfection Systems

We listen and we co-operate to deliver just what you need”.

The VGE Pro range consists of a complete selection of industrial water purification
systems based on UV-C technology. Our UV-C systems make water healthy, clear
and safe and keep it free from algae, bacteria and viruses. This makes VGE Pro the
driving force in filter installations.


Modular UV-C systems


Control recommendations


Smart Pin Technology


Ceramic / amalgam lamps



16.000 hour burntime of the UV-C lamps


Value for money


A filter installation works optimally when a UV-C system matches it perfectly.
Therefore we supply our VGE Pro systems made to order: tailored to the design and
other components of the filter installation. So it should come as no surprise that our
philosophy is: ‘We listen and cooperate to deliver just what you need’.

When developing VGE Pro systems everything revolves around efficiency and ease of maintenance. The VGE Pro UV-C devices are equipped with unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT). This innovative technology ensures that UV-C lamps are integrated in the UV-C device efficiently and intelligently. In addition, the technology
makes it possible to replace and maintain the lamps safely, even when the system is still filled with water. The UV-C lamps have an average life of 16,000 hours.


We are your no-nonsense UV-C supplier. Our devices contain exactly the functionalities you need to achieve your goal. How is that possible? We provide a good base unit that you can complete with desired options. VGE Pro devices consist of a modular system, built on a top quality base.







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Does your filter system require an additional UV sensor? Or do you need to install a control box with more options? No problem. With VGE Pro we deliver the solution by being your partner and delivering (or developing) a system that meets the needs of your installation.

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