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VGE Pro UV-C devices made of HDPE are ideal for disinfection of salt water, corrosive water and highly polluted water.
The high quality HDPE reactors of VGE Pro HDPE series have been designed to treat highly corrosive water. They are suited for all kinds of disinfection and UV-C treatment applications and can even be used for the production of ultrapure water, semiconductor-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetic industry. Other applications: swimming pools, saltwater systems, process water treatment and aquaculture.

VGE Pro UV-C control units

Each VGE Pro UV-C disinfection system is equipped with a control cabinet. There are several options which can be combined with a suitable VGE Pro unit and several other
options like a temperature sensor and a flow switch.

Smart Pin Technology

The VGE Pro UV-C Disinfection systems are equipped with the unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT). This innovative system is a reliable way to integrate the UV-C lamp(s) in a safe, efficient and smart way in a reactor. The SPT makes it possible to replace the lamp safely, although the system is filled with water and pressurized.

• Prevents the release of harmful UV-C radiation
• Changing the UV-C lamp with water in the system
• Resistant to corrosion
• Splash proof
• Visual inspection for operation of the lamp
• Clamping system for optimal seal function
• Lamp replacement without tools

UV-C & temperature sensor

VGE Pro UV-C units can be equipped with a UV-C & temperature sensor. These digital  sensors can be delivered in teflon (only the UV-C sensor) or stainless steel. The VGE Pro control monitors are designed to work with these UV-C & temperature sensors.