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UV-C products

Our UV-C systems can be integrated into your installation in various configurations. Which series and configuration you should choose depends on the application. Every series consists of a modular system, built from a top quality base. You can complete this with the desired options that match the needs of your installation. 


 VGE Pro UV Inox systems provide perfect disinfection thanks to their high power and treatment close to the UV lamp. This series is suitable for producing safe water in difficult conditions.


 VGE Pro UV-C devices made of HDPE are ideal for disinfection of salt water, corrosive water and highly polluted water.



No pressure loss is a great advantage of the VGE Pro Immersion series, because the UV-C lamps are integrated into your water system without a housing. 


Medium Pressure Lamp UV

The Medium Pressure Lamp UV Systems are tailored to the application to realize the best possible water treatment result and disinfection.