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As the supplier of VGE Pro we consider it important to offer you more than just our quality products. Therefore we are happy to share our knowledge of UV-C and UV-C disinfection with you via this knowledge centre.

What is UV?

UV-C radiation, with a wavelength ranging from 200 to 280 nanometres, has the most lethal range for micro-organisms. This makes UV-C radiation capable of causing permanent damage to many different undesirable micro-organisms found in water. In order for the disinfection process to succeed, each type of micro-organism must be adequately exposed to UV-C radiation. When micro-organisms are directly exposed to the correct intensity of UV-C radiation for long enough the radiation penetrates through the organism’s cell wall. The radiation disrupts the micro-organism’s DNA, so it no longer functions. The reproductive capacity of the micro-organism is damaged or the organism is destroyed entirety.


This environmentally friendly disinfection technique effectively focuses on the organisms and makes the use of chemicals redundant. When UV-C is used nothing is added to the water, so there is no risk of an overdose. However a lamp does produce less UV-C radiation as it ages, which is why it must be replaced after a prescribed amount of time.

Product development

Innovation is very important to us. As a company we are therefore focused on the development of new sustainable technologies applicable to water disinfection in various sectors. We do this by combining our passion for technology and knowledge of water, resulting in high-quality product innovations in the area of UV-C disinfection and water filtration. We consider it important to anticipate changing laws and regulations and to meet the needs present in the market.

Made-to-order solutions

Disinfection with UV radiation has varying applications in many different sectors. VGE Pro delivers modular systems tailored to the sector in question. We build our systems starting with a high-quality base. By serving as a partner rather than just a supplier we create solutions and develop a system that fits the needs of your installation.

Installation support

As the supplier of VGE Pro we offer detailed instructions to support you during the installation and programming of your device. And if you do encounter a problem? Then you can always contact our specialists with questions.

Product data sheets

We make detailed product information available to you so you know exactly how to integrate this product into your installation.



We are a proud member of the IUVA (International Ultraviolet Association). Our membership ensures that we are kept continuously up to date on the latest developments in the field of UV-C. It allows us to develop and improve our systems using the latest techniques and in keeping with safety and efficiency requirements.

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